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Inclusion has partnered with App Academy so that you can learn how to build websites and web apps for free with their online courses in Javascript, Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, SQL, and HTML/CSS. This self-paced intensive is focused on giving you the coding skills you need to work and thrive in technology.

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    Inclusion has broadened my skill set and showed me how to brand myself. And most importantly, showed me how I, as an African-American woman, can insert myself into the conversation.
    Paula L.
    I successfully learned how to create my own websites and visited three major tech companies. I’m now in my third round of interviews at Google; prior to attending Inclusion this was not a thought or possibility, now it is!
    Yvette S.

    Inclusion has completely altered the very fabric of not only my life, but my family’s, putting me on track to go from making $10,000 a year to over $60,000. Dreams do come true!

    Pooja T.
    Inclusion has simply been transformational to my life as a new immigrant in America. I’ve already gained meaningful employment in the tech industry, skipping the struggles and hardships that new arrivers traditionally faced.
    Fizal S.